Who is lisa wu hartwell dating

Ed, who is unemployed, coaches his son, Edgerton Hartwell, Jr., in peewee league football.

My source said Ed and his fiancee were engaged for at least 9 months — until he met Keshia.

“I didn’t think he had kissed the girl,” she revealed. But I have so many people attacking me on my page, like ‘You know it’s you, fess up!

'” However, when asked about how she would have handled the scandal if she was Bailey, she admitted, “I would have definitely not liked it, of course, and would have dealt with it privately as Cynthia should.” Wu also said that she has learned from her own experiences.

The insider said Keshia and Ed dated for “2 or 3 months tops” before they got married.

Keshia and Ed were married at their Alpharetta home on or about Jan. Keshia’s mentor, Raymond Coleman officiated over the civil ceremony.

“They were like oh my God it’s you, it looks like you, sounds like you!

It was kind of crazy.” But the former housewife insists that she was not the woman in the video. ” Still, she understands why people would make that mistake. I can see why people are probably saying that.” PHOTOS: Top Earning Real Housewives Wu, who is divorced from ex-husbands Keith Sweat and Ed Hartwell, had her own take on the video.

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Singer and mother of 9 kids (including one newborn), Keke Wyatt, is proving that women can damn near be like superheroes at times.

Hartwell filed for divorce from Lisa Wu in 2011 after Lisa caught him cheating.

Former “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star, Lisa Wu, recently revealed why she was just as shocked as everyone else when former “Cosby Show” kid, Keisha Knight-Pulliam a.k.a.

“Rudy,” married her ex-husband, Hartwell, seemingly out of the blue for several reasons.

Lisa spoke about not only her shock, but where she stands with Keisha and Ed now and we thought what she said was pretty interesting…

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