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When you are the majority group in a league, you have the power to change history.That requires our own boycotting of attending and watching games as well.It is a sad day when the #POTUS seeks to disregard and punish American citizens for peacefully exercising their constitutional rights.https://t.co/QPvr KDS29D — Benjamin Watson (@Benjamin SWatson) September 23, 2017 Why is it that there is an issue with the idea of white supremacy but not the white supremacists themselves? It will be interesting to see how the NFL owners who did donate to 45’s cause in the White House, will respond.Just last week, the internet went wild for her new cover of Vanity Fair, in which he has stripped down and is showing off her pregnant belly.

The so-called #Le Bron Challenge is a social media meme created last month after 'King James' posted video of himself working out at the gym.As for those abs, pizza may be to blame: 15 per cent called it their food guilty pleasure, followed by ice cream (10 per cent), chips (8 per cent), and Mc Donald's (7 per cent). Of those polled, 78 per cent said they never played a game with a hangover, and 83 per cent insisted they never faked an injury to get out of practice or workouts.'Are you kidding?I wanted to play after having my appendix removed,' replied one NFL center.The Finals in 2017 was the first time in NBA history the same two teams had met for a third consecutive year, with Cavaliers being crowned champions last year.Not only are NBA and NFL stars using Saturday morning to make Donald Trump look like a complete idiot (and a white supremacist bigot), they're using his very favorite method of communication to do it!! As we reported earlier this morning, The Donald drew a TON of controversy from dis-inviting the NBA's Golden State Warriors from the White House after star Stephen Curry's anti-Trump comments.

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