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If this particular type of girl asks me first, I still would probably not ask her about anything specific, just pretend to give it some thought and eventually say yes. My interview process would go something like this, keeping it fun and playful: - Pay your barfine? Some guys take this as a sure sign to bail, the girl bringing up how much money she wants, that is. But I have since learned it is actually a nifty opportunity to get a whole host of important issues hammered down and out of the way long before we get to the room. Recognize that she has thrown a hardball by citing her dream number baht amount she wants me to give her. You bring up some interesting points that went through my mind, too.So it is time for me to throw a hardball right back. While a quick and dirty spontaneous opening price point encounter can be good fun, I find a 2300 baht two hour multi-pop PSE oily session to be more satisfying. Honest question to any of the longtime members here-- What would be expected for 1,000-1,500 THB from a FL? From what I saw, Thermae FLs were a notch or two above those milling about outside Nana Plaza, and approaching gogos, and we have no barfine, no lady drinks, no BS from the MMS / servers. First of all, Thermae girls are FLs, just the same as some of the girls on the street or those one can hook up with online.I think you had a bad experience and I'd chalk it up as that.I have started asking gogo girls if they give good blow jobs and if they say yes I've always gotten BBBJ so far.Nothing magical happens because you meet the FL in Thermae.It isn't as though they have been screened for their looks, skills, accommodation, fairness, disposition or anything else by the management before being allowed in except for not being a Ladyboy. The first thing she did when she sat down next to me on the bed after taking her shower was to say, "I will serve you. " Since I was experimenting with the Go With The Flow approach with a Thermae girl and BTW that statement sounded pretty good to me, I told her that would be fine, I trust you, I'll go with that. She put a bottle of oil next to us on the bed and I asked her not to put oil on me.But she ignored my request and dumped a pool of oil in her hand and on my dick and balls it went.I can usually throw out any chance of having an orgasm anytime in the next several hours the instant oil is slathered all over my dick and balls. Even if that oil had been the miracle product I hoped it might be, wearing a condom will most certainly ensure that I will not have an orgasm. However, she had plenty of orgasms riding on my sheathed dick in cowgirl position. Meanwhile, DATY was adamantly refused from the get-go before my lips came within arms length of her pussy.

Then again, this was the first time I had taken the Go With The Flow approach and not negotiated in more detail what my money would be paying for when we get to my room. My Thermae FL money is much better spent when I clear it with the girl that I will only pay for DATY and either BBBJ CIM or BBBJ BBFS.

Hope against hope, I thought maybe she had discovered some miracle brand of oil that would not be irritating to my dick. Or at least she pretended to do so fairly convincingly. No DFK or any mouth kissing with tongues touching was allowed. In fact, other than putting the oil on it, I'm not sure her hand touched more of my dick uncovered than the very base of the shaft before she slipped the condom on it.

I had taken several good looking young girls from the supposedly Asian line-up on the left side in Thermae over the past couple of years and none of those previous experiences had been this dreary.

I've gotten 1500 from thermae girls before I usually establish price.

And several for 1500 LT since they often don't have a room or want to go home.

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