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The drug war has been exposed as a deadly and violent failure and the federal government shows no signs of backing down. And, thanks to the immoral and futile police approach to the drug problem, there appears to be no hope in sight for the tide to change.As The Free Thought Project had previously reported, drug overdose deaths outnumber the number of Americans killed in automobile accidents each year.All of these moves and potential moves by the DOJ and DEA will only make the problem worse unless states like Ohio take measures into their own hands.Now that many in Congress have addicted family members, children, siblings, and friends, the matter has been taken much more seriously.Yet, thanks to the war on drugs pushing the sale of these drugs into dark alleys and the like, the quality of street drugs is questionable with every dose sold.Some opiates have even been laced with the powerful drug Fentanyl, a drug so dangerous even casual contact with it can prove fatal. One-third of the overdose deaths in Ohio were linked to Fentanyl, yet instead of creating a safer drug, the company was more concerned with combatting cannabis legalization.The concept of helping addicts instead of criminalizing them is such a success, it’s been adopted by 200 police agencies in 28 states.

Professionally designed and manufactured PC propeller which not only provides huge thrust, but is not easy to be damaged.Police departments choosing compassion over kidnapping and caging people is the solution and this program’s massive adoption by hundreds of departments across the country is nothing short of bombshell.It is revolutionary, and will undoubtedly lead to progress. Don't put it beside the high temperature condition. There will be some enthusiastic friends participate in your discussions.For the first time in US history, more Americans have died of drug overdoses in a single year than all those killed in the Vietnam War. History, more Americans died in 2016 of drug overdoses than were killed in the Vietnam War. Last year’s death toll in the War on Drugs was 59,000 killed, while during the entire Vietnam War, 1955 to 1975, 58,220 American service members’ lives were lost.

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