Valentine dating idea

End your romantic spa date with a taste of decadent chocolate, and your special someone will think they died and went to heaven.Create a clean, serene space by placing aromatherapy candles of various heights around the bathtub, and placing fresh, out-of-the-dryer warm towels off to the side.As the old saying goes, presentation is everything!I find that’s especially true with a super simple concept like this one.Simply place a dime size amount in the palm of your hand and, using kneading motions, move in the direction of the heart to stimulate blood flow. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a delicious libation.A refreshing cucumber cooler will help authenticate your at-home spa date with its hydrating qualities. Combine ginger vodka, lemon juice, a touch of agave syrup and cucumber slices in a cocktail shaker.Start by surprising your sweetie with a beautiful and delicious breakfast in bed.A menu of heart-shaped pancakes, figs drizzled with honey and fresh mimosas is the perfect way to start a day that’s all about expressing your love.

A vintage hotel bell was a fun addition to my classic breakfast.

This satisfying roasted veggie, bean, and herb salad can’t be beat.

Not only does the salad fit the good-for-you bill, it’s also colorful, pretty and delicious!

Garnish with cilantro, then cut the slice on the diagonal to create perfect triangular tea sandwiches.

To really round out the full spa experience, indulge in this guilt-free twist on a main course.

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