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The following steps use $sess as the session, so replace that if using something else. To receive the full list of applicable updates: Using the above steps on a default installation of Nano Server, if the machine has Internet access it will query the Windows Update/Microsoft Update service to find and download updates.If you are using WSUS in your environment you can set the registry keys in Nano Server to have it use your WSUS Server.Deploy the assemblies from Visual Studio into a Biz Talk application in the development environment.After importing an assembly that contains an orchestration, if the application to which you are importing it already contains an assembly that has the same name, public key token, and version, stop and start the host instances of the host to which the orchestration is bound.

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Here's an example of the cmdlet in action: $pd | Update-Storage Firmware -Image Path C:\Firmware\[email protected] Number 0 $pd | Get-Storage Firmware Information Supports Update : True Number Of Slots : 1 Active Slot Number : 0 Slot Number : Is Slot Writable : Firmware Version In Slot : Drives typically do not complete I/O requests when they activate a new firmware image.THIS HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THIS POST: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/nanoserver/2016/10/07/updating-nano-server/ ============================================================================================== 1.Establish a Remote Power Shell session to your Nano Server machine.This drive performed the firmware update within ~5.8 seconds, as shown here: Measure-Command Days : 0 Hours : 0 Minutes : 0 Seconds : 5 Milliseconds : 791 Ticks : 57913910 Total Days : 6.70299884259259E-05 Total Hours : 0.00160871972222222 Total Minutes : 0.0965231833333333 Total Seconds : 5.791391 Total Milliseconds : 5791.391 Before placing a server into production, we highly recommend updating the firmware of your drives to the firmware recommended by the hardware vendor or OEM that sold and supports your solution (storage enclosures, drives, and servers).Once a server is in production, it's a good idea to make as few changes to the server as is practical.

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