Updating netopia dsl modem

Restarted computer so those settings would take effect. (I configured wireless using same SSID name and key code I was using before on the 2 wire) ..

I got a new modem in the mail yesterday Motorola (Netopia) 3347-02. I powered it up, hit the reset button for a few seconds.. Changed a setting on TCP/IP setup to accept automatic assignment of IP address. I entered my email and password and dsl login/password. Then I enabled the wireless (clicked on the exclamation point at top on wireless config screen to save settings) ..

Connect the other end of the network cable to "LAN" or "Computer" port on the DSL modem if you unplugged it. Launch a Web browser on the computer connected to the Netopia router.

Type " into the address bar and press "Enter." The Netopia Admin Password page appears in the Web browser.

Enter “My Business Wireless Network” or something similar in the field.

Click the "Operating Mode" drop-down box and select "WPA-PSK" from the list. Type an authentication password for the wireless network in the “Pre Shared Key” field.

Wait a few seconds for the router to connect to the modem and configure the DSL connection automatically.The above photo is protected under the copyright of Logan Meller. Net is the original creation of Logan Meller and Bradford Liedel.The Cayman Model 3346 DSL Ethernet Switch and software is Copyright 2003 Netopia, Inc., a Motorola Company. No part of this website may be reproduced or copied without documented consent of Bradford Liedel.Use a password at least eight characters in length that includes letters, numbers and symbols for maximum security.After you enter the wireless network password, click the "Submit" button.

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