Text sex chat wiht a girl

This is something just about every guy has gone through at some point in their lives when it comes to girls.Dealing with rejection from a girl can be an easy thing for some guys and difficult for others. Recently, a lot of you have been asking for EVEN MORE good games to play over text.

I’m going to share it with you here today, but I have already written a good bit on it.

The game has changed a lot since the days of the voice mail and here is how to adapt. I’ll tell you exactly what to text to a girl you’re talking to.

The advice you are about to receive here has been developed through years of collaboration amongst the wettest dudes in our social circle. So check me out — there are some one-liners and canned stuff that you can use over-and-over again. But in reality, the answer to the question of what should I text a girl I’m talking to – Has to come from the CONTEXT of the RELATIONSHIP you’ve had so far. This is part 2 in a 5 part series on how to text a girl and make her want to bang you.

If you text too quickly, it makes you seem desperate and/or bored. Want examples of sextexting and ideas about what to actually message you boyfriend or girlfriend?

Or if you don’t have a bf or gf maybe you want to learn how to sex text so you can GET a girl or a boy. It talks all about text sex, the psychology behind it, why it’s so sexy, and most importantly, how YOU can get text message LAID like a porn star.

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