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Status: Ex-boyfriend History: To be added Start Up: Human/Need/Desire (2x06)Break Up: Introducing the Miracle (2x10)Reason: Bay breaks up with Noah after Emmett told Bay that Noah and Daphne kissed.Though they were rehearsing for the play, Romeo and Juliet, when Bay confronted Noah about it, he admitted that he and Daphne have a connection that he couldn't avoid.Status: Ex-boyfriend History: How long they did date together was unknown.It can be assumed that they were in good relationship until the switch was discovered.She thinks he slept with Aide, and he made her believe that he did.Because of this, Bay broke up with him, without knowing that Ty faked it because he was being deployed to an area worse than he'd thought.During the makeover, the two girls asked Alicia who she liked.

Bay had this dream when she passed out when giving blood when Angelo was in the hospital.

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is home to several different types of pizza across the states, with thousands of different joints covering the country.

The two girls watched the video, and in the end Bay told Simone not to send it to anyone because it was too embarrassing; however, Simone sent it to everyone in school.

This caused Bay and Simone's friendship to end and Alicia to move out of town.

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