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The Isaias regime killed Mihret Eyob On April 14, 2017, the government-media announced that the “Veteran Fighter Ms.Mihret Eyob has passed away aged 65.” She was not martyred as the rest of her colleagues—unless the PFDJ suddenly embraced its atheist nature and simply abandoned the tradition of martyrdom! Where are the relatives who should be screaming before the victims die? In PFDJ’s Eritrea, talking about a family member makes you selfish and individualistic, talking about the suffering of your village people, makes you clannish, talking about your province, makes you a regional, talking about religious rights, makes you a sectarian—the only kosher topic the regime tolerates is empty sloganeering.Understandably, it’s difficult for anyone who is not in their shoes to appreciate their situation—they are anxious and blackmailed individuals who live in agony.However, it is fair to assume that they can do a lot better than complete silence.It’s also known for its sadistic behavior and its emotional abuse of innocent relatives to inflict maximum pain on its real or perceived enemies.And that is the cause of the deafening silence of some people who feel so much threatened that they prefer to be quite despite the pain.That culture, which is supported by divine scripture, is well established in the region, and that is why most people do not die, they are martyred.However, Eritreans face a dilemma when a victimized prisoner and his jailer die: are both considered martyrs?

But is that disregard for life and freedom a characteristic trait of the ruling regime, or a social attitude of Eritreans?In the Middle Eastern cultures, people who die in a political conflict are considered martyrs whose soul go straight to heaven—no questions asked!That is why when a government soldier or a rebel fighter die fighting against each other, both are considered martyrs by their respective parties—even if it is a civil war.The life and death of Mihret illustrate that Eritrean tragedy.On April 14, 2017, the ruling party’s website announced that Mihret “passed away.” However, the last sentence in the announcement, though it sounded more like an afterthought than a natural continuation of the announcement, was obviously a face saving attempt: “The funeral service of the late veteran fighter Mihret would be conducted today, 15 April, at 4 o’clock at the Asmara Martyrs Cemetery.” At least her body was allocated a burial space with other martyrs.

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