Sean kingston dating rocsi

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Read More Fabolous, Sean Kingston, Trey Songz, and “The City” star Olivia Palermo played Santa’s helpers at the New Yorkers for Children ACS Children’s Center makeover in New York City on Thursday (Dec. and revealed that Serena Williams, yes THE Serena Williams, was his most famous conquest. I knew what I had, I just didn’t really follow up.” This is a surprising revelation, given we have never seen these two out in public in a “boo’ed up” sort of way. We do know that Serena visited Kingston in the hospital back in 2011 as he recovered from a horrfic jet ski accident. “That was my doll,” Kingston confessed after throwing back a few shots with the host. It’s also a bit ironic/awkward that their alleged courtship is coming to light now that Serena engaged and also a new mom. However, at the time it was reported that they were “good friends.” If Sean Kingston can provide some proof that this romance was the real deal, maybe we can take this “ting” seriously. Others have come forward to corroborate Simmons' story.I always say there is truth to a rumor(or in this case a story).

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