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The VB Editor is the application you will use to write the code and create userforms, and this module will explain how to use all the major components.After setting the foundation in the first half of the course, we spend the second half learning how to build applications and add-ins.Overall, a professionally developed course, excellent interface and an easy-to-listen-to instructor. The short videos also make it easy to come back and re-watch a video on a specific topic to get a refresher.​​Learning VBA can get overwhelming in a hurry.So I have designed this course to allow you to consume the content in bite-sized chunks.I think the VBA Pro Course is a great fit for a wide range of Excel Users.If you use Excel regularly and have to do the same tasks every month then this course will help you automate those tasks.You will learn about some of the different tools we can use to make this process easier and develop professional looking menus.

Fortunately, Excel has an automation tool built right into it.

You can use add-ins to automate a simple process or create a robust application.

You will also learn how to save user settings and distribute your add-ins to other users.

Learning VBA has had a tremendous impact on my career and helped put me in high demand with employers and clients.

VBA is the programming language that we use to write macros and automate Excel.

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