Safaree samuels dating nicki minaj

In late November 2011, Safaree got into a Twitter beef with Cher.

The beef started when one of Cher's fans tweeted her saying that Nicki dissed her on "Did It On'em". Cher replied back to her fan saying, "I've seen lots of people come and go! " Although Nicki Minaj did not reply to the comment, Safaree did by saying it was a "rap metaphor" and that she should "listen to the words [of "Did It On'em"] before saying dumb".

Through it all, Omeeka captured the hearts and minds of rap fans everywhere with a romance that seemed it could survive whatever celebrity life threw its way.

Safaree deactivated his twitter shortly after "Bed of Lies" came out, and later reactivated only to confirm his relationship of twelve years had ended.The song was rumoured to be about boyfriend Safaree Samuels.Later that year, she released her fourth single "Bed of Lies", which was also rumoured to be about Safaree.Sad news came today when Nicki Minaj announced that her two-year relationship with Meek Mill is officially over.The pair had been one of hip-hop's most reliable couples, supporting each other through drama with exes, worldwide tours, unexpected house arrests, and even major rap beefs.

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