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“Everything we do from the selection of our employees and our approach to care to the design of our building has a purpose that meets the needs of someone with dementia. We have carefully thought through every detail so that we can provide exceptional dementia care.” The first thing you’ll notice is the building itself. Instead, each House is designed with an “H” configuration inside which is comprised of two cottages with shared amenities at the centre core.Each cottage is home to 13 residents who have a private bedroom with a 3-piece bathroom including a walk-in shower.These cottages contain a common dining area, living room, and family room as well as the residents’ bedrooms.Outside, there is a beautifully landscaped, secure, walking garden where residents can safely enjoy the outdoors.There are many elements to consider: face shape, placement and proportion of features, alignment and positioning of each eye to ensure that the glasses will fit and work effectively.

Testing can include everything from imaging the back of the eye to mapping the function of the optic nerve and checking eye pressure.Today, over a quarter century later, more than 600 Optometrists, Opticians and Ophthalmologists at over 150 IRIS locations across the country are providing Canadian families with much more than optical prescriptions, new glasses and contact lenses.“At IRIS, we take a total holistic approach to each and every one of our clients whether they’re a child, young professional, sports enthusiast, or a retiree,” notes Dr.Phase One of the project will lead the way up to 65 thousand square feet of medical and professional offices with ground floor commercial zoning on 3.8 acres.Already over 50% leased, the ultra new Homer Watson Medical and Professional Centre will sparkle with one of the most complete compliments of medical services and professions in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. it will assemble everything you can conceivably think of in the medical sector.” Jason Tompkins, Leasing and Operations Manager for the project noted.

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