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But, as Denny told, a conversation with an instructor in nursing school made her completely rethink her views on abortion.

She dreamed of becoming a nurse but worked in the corporate world until she was laid off in 2011. She graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in nursing and began working full-time on the orthopedic surgical floor, with the goal of moving to labor and delivery.

You don't have sex before you get married, homosexuality is wrong, abortion is murder, friends are good, God is great. It took me moving four hours away when I first went to college to even know that there were people who even thought differently.

I believe it was Thanksgiving break of our freshman year of college [when my friend] told me she thought she was pregnant.

You cannot judge, because it wasn't this girl's fault at all.

If this girl had had her way, she wouldn't have had an abortion, but it was forced on her. There are going be patients that do choose to have an abortion that still need you to be there for them, because abortion, it's never an easy decision, I don't think, but it's a legal one.

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