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Accomodating the strain requires a significant investment by DSP operators, which can spend anywhere from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars simply to do business in the header bidding era.

Rubicon Project CEO Michael Barrett, who joined the company about four months ago, said it was eye-opening to discover the disruption that header bidding had wrought on the ad-tech ecosystem.

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Rubicon Project said Monday that it has acquired n Toggle for .5 million in a move to bolster its header bidding tech and differentiate itself as consolidation in its sector looms.Their office is very comfortable and has a home like feel. T has not only been a great physician for me, but also to my parents. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.Much better than the normal doctor's office atmosphere. My father had not seen a physician in over 30 years, and Dr. I found the Dr and her staff to be very helpful and friendly. First time seeing Doctor Sizemore-Ruiz, very informative and addressed my concerns.Treating Only The Extremes One of the problems with modern medicine is that we name and treat only the extreme end of a continuum, or only when significant problems result.Having a slightly recessed chin may be thought of a the person’s normal facial feature, and his or her ability to breathe is never even considered.

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