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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen arriving at Barry and Honey (left) Sherman's memorial in Toronto on Thursday morning.The two were found hanging in their pool on Friday and the incident was originally believed to be a murder-suicide.This is denied – calmly – by the prime minister who says he only ‘slams the door twice a year and then pokes his head around to say sorry’.2 Mark Rutte does not have a ‘teflon layer’ which allows him to shrug things off, no matter what his political opponents throw at him. He spent 10 years in industry before going into politics and now spends one morning a week teaching Dutch and Civics at a nearby secondary school. His real friends, however, all date from before his political career and are not interested in the VVD.Police now have reason to believe the pair were both murdered.But details of Barry Sherman's past were laid bare by legal documents seen by Daily which showed he had been embroiled in a bitter feud with his cousins over his family's wealth.With the exception of Edgar Savisaar and Mart Siimann, every Estonian prime minister since the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991 was present at the unveiling.

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Who is he and does his eternal smile hide a perhaps even jollier personality? He was a fractious five-year-old and, rumour has it, he still has a bit of a temper.

Cazeneuve's apartment was targeted at the beginning of the week, a source in his entourage told AFP news agency.

But the aide insisted the evidence suggests those who carried out the crime had no idea whose apartment they were in.

The photo wall features the portraits of 27 former Estonian prime ministers, dating back to Konstantin Päts, who served as prime minister of the provisional Estonian government in 1918.

Among them are also the prime ministers of the Estonian government in exile, which existed from 1953 until Estonian sovereignty over Estonian territory was reestablished in 1992.

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