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The economic trends that are foreseeable today are influencing the consumer behavior in a significant manner. However, the prevailing economic uncertainty, exposed by reduced growth rate, slipping rupee prices and increased logistic costs (planning commission, 2011) cast a shadow over the prospectus of every sector. Information pollution (Orman, 1984) defined as "contamination" of useful information with inaccurate one can thus transfigure the cognitive evaluations of the customer erroneous. The contemporary net savvy generation has an excessive information seeking behavior that redefines their cardinal feelings about satisfaction. An enquiry to uncover the perennial forces that alter the consumer behavior emerges as an essential task in the endeavor to develop innovative strategies for competitive advantage for every firm. This paper begins with a conceptual journey by the author through prevailing marketing paradigms to empirically test the acceptance of a new marketing mix in bringing customer satisfaction.

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The customer skepticism from multiple macro environmental dynamism was considered as a moderator of firms efforts to redefine marketing mix theories. Introduction Literature on marketing always demonstrated an indefinable link towards the consumer behavior. The consumer behavior, being a complex phenomenon, had ever been a spark that ignites the thoughts of every researcher to think differently about bringing innovative ways to satisfy the customer. Even the paradigm concept that consumers will stay with the brands (Kokkiadi and Blomme, 2013) that they believed to have delivered value for the money spent, also demands a fresh underpinning. The ability to survive in current environment largely depends on the extent to which innovation initiatives can be built in the system. A big question in this context is on scope of innovation possible and capacity building essential within the firm to constantly work for innovation.

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