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Once the OTA Software Update Technology is used, the data updates of the software are wirelessly delivered to vehicles, and the vehicle users can update the software at home or anywhere else without having to go to their dealers or repair shops.In-vehicle software has become increasingly massive over recent years.If it takes a long time to update software while the engine is off, the battery may go dead.Therefore, we have to shorten the time for updating software as much as possible to respond to a variety of use situations.In contrast, some people may drive vehicles only on holidays.Some vehicles may be parked in underground parking lots where communication is not possible.In this regard, updating software via OTA transmission is an extremely important technique. As for vehicles, the manufacturers' business is to produce vehicles and sell them to users, and that's the end of the story. However, going forward they may want to add new functions after they have sold the vehicles.

Attackers may target whatever possible and in any possible way to cause harm.So reliability, including safety and security measures, is extremely important.The second is the very large number of ECUs incorporated in a vehicle.For example, they may tamper with communication data, or use fake servers to transmit wrong data to vehicles.In light of this situation, we worked to identify what are important points and to which degree we have to protect to secure safety.

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