Nikki reed dating dj kelly and dylan dating

So I got dressed in my uniform and drove to her home address.As expected her car wasn’t in the car park so the waiting game began.I picked a spot with a good view of the communal front door of the flat and waited. Wow I thought, maybe this was going to be even easier than I thought.After a couple of hours I saw her mini pull up in the car park. As I made my way up the stairs I went over my plan once more.Luckily for me he was pretty drunk and gave up every bit of detail he had on her.

I was also unlikely to get a chance to snatch her off the street as she would always be surrounded by any number of fans, security and paps.

Snapping celebs out and about or falling out of clubs, that sort of thing.

Immediately I spun some made up story about a niece who was a massive Saturdays fan, and asked if he could give me any idea as to whereabouts Frankie would hang out, any information he could give about where to find her.

She wore a pair of tight denim shorts and on her feet were a pair of shoe-boots with a 4-5 inch heel, the sort of fuck-me shoes she always wore in music videos for The Saturdays.

Now I needed a bit of luck in getting her out, I prayed to god no one would be around as I exited the building with Frankie out cold in my arms.

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