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During our journey through the southwest, the guys role-played that they were part of a clandestine organization that dealt with uncovering alien invaders — an organization called S. I thought it might be helpful to lay out some of the moments from the night, regarding …Read More Have you ever been to a party where there was some guy or gal who was soaking up all the attention in the room just by telling a few stories?Read More Last week, I was at a party with an old friend of mine: a photographer who’s always traveling, charming everyone he meets, and having adventurous sexual encounters with women from all over the world. He is a single, well put together, and is a practiced conversationalist.My photographer friend had just spent a weekend going on romantic adventures, all over Spain, with a model he’d been shooting. Read More It’s been a few weeks since I returned from a trip with Neil and a few of his friends from The Society. Since I’m in a relationship, I’ll be his wingman for the night.

With that in mind, we only offer the service for men now. But women arguably have many of the exact same struggles with online dating, in terms of not having enough time for it, or having to wade through a lot of junk to get to the meaningful stuff. But for men, there’s this tremendous amount of outbound interest. In fact, the average guy has to send a dozen messages to get one response. But I want to probe you a bit on the tone of the site — because it comes across as very pick-up-artist-y.Why do all the male archetypes have really positive overtones, while their female equivalents are totally reductive? Well, first we do something we call a “personality deep dive.” It’s basically a one to two hour phone call, where the personal assistant finds out what the client is interested in.(For instance, a career-motivated guy is apparently a “provider,” while career-minded women are “vanilla.”) As a lady, that bothers me. Are we getting that comparison because we’re effective at what we do? We distinguish between “women” and “attractive women,” because they behave completely differently on the sites. alright, so let’s say I’m a young man and I want to use your service. It’s also a bit of a strategy session — we kind of make a game plan, figure out if the client is more casual or serious, and choose dating sites based on that.So even as a 15-year-old, I thought online dating was basically the coolest thing ever. The system is kind of based on my experience over the years, and my experience helping friends. Because that has, of course, been one of the early criticisms of your service — that you offer online-dating help for men, but not women.We find there are some keywords that seem to get a response from women — “gentleman,” for instance. Right, we don’t currently offer services for women.

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