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But then again, when I do landscapes, and get the soft corners and edges, I'm at peace with it, I know they are just out of focus, the lens is not to blame, but my way of using it.

The question for me is not how sharp a lens is, or how soft it is, but rather how a lens is sharp, how a lens is soft, and how the transition between the two is handled.

It is like in art, where the artist or writer choose a set of techniques to get his or hers unique voice, and stay true to them.

I started this post because I think the lens is very underrated, when it actually is a beautiful tool, very well made.

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I have both and prefer the Elmarit on the D800E.(BTW, give a try to the new Sigma 35/1.4..) ... Some lenses are designed to win tests, some lenses are designed to take beautiful images ... I have one for all my 10 Leica R lenses, from 21mm to 400mm.

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Not one of them is anyway near the Leica 35mm in center sharpness and contrast, but almost all of them are better at edge and corner sharpness.

Have a look at this astro-wide-field image: Thanks Ulfie! The other summicrons (50mm and 90mm) are very good too. Puts, the 50mm, 90mm and 135mm Elmarit R lenses are very close to their M equivalents in optical design (135 is identical if I understood correctly), but because of automatic aperture they have only 6 or 8 blades in the aperture.

The house has a nice bokeh, but very soon, towards the edges, trees and bushes starts to creep into focus again, and that un-easyness is a thing I have started to like. Here is another one, that won 1st place in the DPchallenge "Wim Wenders movie scene". the lens is not a poor performer in corners and edges like the test charts suggests, just on another focus plane. It's like the trees along the edges is fighting to re-enter the image somehow. Used Canon full frame cameras are cheap nowdays, and the adapters are only on e Bay.

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