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Keenan [Sep 2012] Shot in the back by Cesar Faison (disguised as Duke Lavery) [Oct 19, 2012] Jason was the illegitimate son of Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore.After Susan's murder, Alan took Jason home to be raised under his roof.Ewen Keenan after he had taken Elizabeth Webber hostage [Sep 2012] Shot and mortally wounded Joe Scully Jr.[Oct 2012] Suffered permanent brain damage following an accident when his brother, A.Their relationship ended, and Jason found new love with Keesha Ward. from driving drunk, Jason got into a car with his brother.Their relationship flourished until one tragic night. The accident that followed left Jason with permanent brain damage and no memory whatsoever of his family or of Keesha.The one person who was able to get through to Jason was his old high school classmate Robin Scorpio.

He pushed both his relatives and Keesha away, went to work for mobster Sonny Corinthos, and changed his name to Jason Morgan, after his adopted paternal grandmother's maiden name.Michael was returned unharmed, but Carly shot Tony in the courtroom and was sentenced to a psychiatric care facility. Jason did not approve of the plan, but he realized how deeply he cared for Carly while she was married to his brother.While she was gone, Robin and Jason moved in together and raised Michael until Carly returned. They made plans to be together until Carly misinterpreted a dance between Elizabeth and Jason, and she retaliated by sleeping with Sonny. He returned briefly a few months later and learned that Sonny and Carly had entered into a relationship, and he gave them his approval.By that time, Luis Alcazar's brother, Lorenzo, had kidnapped her.To appease Lorenzo, Jason and Sonny began running drugs through their operation, per his orders, all the while planning to free Carly.

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