Men find me intimidating

It’s exotic, mysterious sonority is reminiscent of oriental and adventurous destinies. It does not open, it envelops you with a mysterious and ethereal vibe. For those of us who like our coffee black and working in the garden, this is a perfect scent. It really is a strong masculine fragrance, an indisputable classic...The clinging warm, bold, and sensual scent resembles an extremely rare oriental wood that was used as incense in Hindu homes for centuries. It’s decidedly bitter, almost overwhelmingly so, until the pine and mint kick in. And, it doesn’t fade, so you’d better get ready for a long ride. Rare, there aren’t many of those around, classic fragrances, or classic males for that matter!

The fragrance, named after the sharp, curved Turkish saber Yatagan, is an invitation to join an adventure on the traces of Ottoman horses. I have worn Yatagan about three days a week for more than two decades.

My rating 8/10 رایحه زیبا، ماندگاری بالا، پخش متوسط به پایین در فرمولاسیون جدید If you are a fan of Kouros you will like this.

There are major similarities in the animalic opening and dry down but there are some differences as well. There's quite a lot of nonsense written about this scent.

Yatagan’s wood notes mixed with subtle undertones of herbs such as galbanum, patchouli, incense, Artemisia and mint make this a perfect fall and wintry scent. The nose behind this fragrance is Vincent Marcello. A masterclass in masculine fragrance creation, this forty year old masterpiece by Vincent Marcello takes you really into the land of ancient warriors skillfully combining notes of pine, fennel, basil, artemisia, oak moss, musk, and the real kicker - castoreum.

I can only imagine how potent this juice must have been in the pre-IFRA days when real musk and castoreum was used instead of the synthetic ones used today.

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