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The Mickelson program is not all politics all the time. I know a cardinal was crashing in his laundry room window a couple years ago.He might discuss dieting, or coaching kids' soccer, along with the latest Washington scandal. I know he had a strange electrical problem that made all his clocks keep the wrong time."Mickelson has his critics. "It's not our audience," said Jeff Link, a party strategist. " the presidential hopeful started to say, but was interrupted."You just flunked the Cleon Skousen test," Mickelson said. The late was a constitutional scholar with a bent for conspiracy theories.Mickelson is a large man with a smooth voice and the certitude of one used to having the last word, which, on air, he always does.At just over 6 feet tall, with a slight paunch, his square jaw and blocky glasses lend a passing resemblance to George Reeves, the TV actor who played Superman in the 1950s."But I would suggest he has the avenue you need to become king."There is no mistaking the program's rightward tilt: Christianity, small government, free markets and sealed borders are good.Islam, teachers unions, the welfare state and the gay-rights movement are bad.For above all, Mickelson loves to argue -- almost always politely, which is the Iowa way.

Harlan, in southwestern Iowa near the Nebraska border, is where the family stayed longest, living in an unheated farmhouse on the edge of town.He called WHO -- "the only call letters I remembered from Iowa" -- and, to his surprise, was offered a morning talk show. His wife, Susanne, works as a paralegal in Des Moines.Their only child, Scott, is a financial broker in Southern California. His friendly chat with Mitt Romney had veered into a discussion of abortion and Mormonism, and the Republican presidential hopeful -- eyes wide, arms waving -- was clearly annoyed."Let me once again say I understand my faith better than you do," Romney snapped."Well, I'm not sure," Mickelson replied, and the two went back at it, Romney angry and sarcastic, Mickelson polite but persistent.Every weekday morning, from 9 to , Mickelson presides over the No.

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