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Another coup occurred in 2006, but ended in the restoration of democratic government.

The current political situation remains unstable, with an Islamist insurgency in the ethnically Malay far-southern region of Pattani and, since 2005, political crisis concerning the (former) Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his allies / successors.

(Don't confuse this with (which is sufficiently far from completely accurate that it scandalized Thailand when it was released; see The Other Wiki).

The worst case of censorship was in early 2007 when the government blocked access to You Tube because there were videos that were considered to be anti-monarchy.

The country was originally named "Siam" in English; it renamed itself to "Thailand" in 1939, "Siam" in 1945, and "Thailand" again in 1949.

The name "Thailand" is often thought to derive from "free", in commemoration of the independence of Thailand in the 18th century; it's more likely that it derives from the name of the Thai ethnic group, the predominant one in the country, with the connotation of "free" as a bonus.

It had some bloodier coups with the right-wing military governments set up after World War II.( may actually mean "people," not "free" — The Other Wiki has more here) The country has a long history of its military overthrowing the government.Unusually for this sort of situation, the military always leaves the King in power (in fact, it's generally believed that military action only happens on the King's orders or with his tacit approval).The Army Chief of Staff was the head of the Free Thai movement and the pipeline for escaped allied air crew was run by the Thai police.Allied personnel in Thailand were driven around in official limousines.

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