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If they have received a pardon, they do not need to declare those offences.

They need not declare any offences for which they were charged as a young offender.

It is up to the organization requiring the check to determine if the person needs to obtain a local check from that jurisdiction.

If the applicant is a resident of another country the following statement is included:“Information regarding occurrences outside of Canada is not readily available to Canadian police agencies.

Some examples of positions involving members of the vulnerable sector are: teachers, social workers, day-care workers, sport coaches and volunteers.

If the person does not have two pieces of government ID, one with a photo, fingerprints must be taken and submitted to Ottawa.

Criminal Record Check – Employment / work related____________________________The standard pre-employment, pre-volunteer check for the Regina Police Service is the Police Information Check.

Standard Police Information Check/Criminal Record Check – The standard police information check includes in addition to a CPIC criminal record search, a check of the local indices of the Regina Police Service.

If the RCMP National Repository record matches the declaration (taking into consideration summary charges which would not appear), it is not necessary to submit prints to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records.

If a CPIC check reveals possible charges that have not been declared by the applicant and the applicant has been printed by the Regina Police Service, a thumb print may be taken to confirm the identity matches.

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