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Specifically, if convicted, the pair could face 15- 60 years in prison each.

They would not be eligible for early release leaving Crawford and Hale to serve their sentences at 100 percent. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 11/28/2017-6AM) La Follette City Councilman Joe Bolinger opened a discussion at last nights City Council Workshop about a Vietnam Memorial to honor La Follette High School Alumni.

The couple wrote of their struggle to accept their oldest daughter was dead and that she had left behind two younger sisters who would miss her at milestones in their lives.

The statement went on to describe the pain Chesney had caused not just in the Leachs immediate family, but, in the extended family.

The couple told him that because of his need to get high there would forever be an empty seat at the table.

In 2012, Chesney was convicted of promotion to manufacture methamphetamine in Anderson County while in 2016, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery in Claiborne County. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 11/28/2017-6AM) Crawford, who faces 17 counts of child abuse and neglect in a child under eight years of age and aggravated child abuse in a child under eight years of age, currently has a 0,000 bail.

When the photo crossed over the judges bench the rest of the courtroom saw a brief glimpse of it.

Chesney began to rapidly tap his foot at that point.

He allegedly applied so much force around the neck, petechiae resulted.

The Memorial would be erected near the Old West La Follette School.

Funds for the memorial are being raised by the La Follette High School Alumni and are requesting permission only from the city to use the site.

The trio is joined by nine other teammates who were tabbed All-Region First Team.

A tradition that also began when the Price twins arrived is live telecasts of Campbell County Cougar Football.

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