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The insurance must be valid for the whole visa term or for the period of the first entry to the Russian Federation.

In the latter case, the applicant shall sign a receipt, binding him/her to get a new insurance or to prolong the one in action for all subsequent trips to Russia.

The authenticity of the passport should not arise any doubts.

The document should not contain any marks, reservations, records, erasures and corrections that are not authorized by the competent bodies of the foreign state. At least two blank pages valid for visas should be reserved.

If you apply for a working or student visa, the passport must be valid no less than 18 months.

Student visas can be single-entry; working visas can be single- or multiple-entry (granted to high-skill personnel).


If a foreign citizen enters the Russian Federation for emergency treatment or in case of serious illness or death of a close relative the validity of the passport should not expire before the expiration of a visa.

Tourist visas can be single- or double-entry valid up to 30 days.

If a foreign citizen applies for a double-entry tourist visa, an applicant must submit the papers confirming the necessity to re-enter the Russian Federation for tourism purposes.

The original invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

Private visa may be issued to foreign citizens, who are the family members (spouse (wife), minor children, disabled adult children) of a Russian citizen (residing abroad) upon a formal request of the latter.

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