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The strength of O'Connell's performance as Cook led to the character becoming a major focus (and along with Patel, Hoult, and Scodelario, led to the actor becoming a genuine Hollywood star) and significantly elevated the love triangle between him, Effy, and Freddie beyond its on-paper predictability.It also tackled topics such as autism, suicide, bipolar disorder, and coming out.We take for granted now that this type of show would go out of its way to tackle hot-button issues, but E4, the British channel it aired on, deserves credit for giving creators Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain free rein in terms of what could be covered.Cassie's anorexia and other mental health difficulties, Jal's pregnancy and subsequent abortion, Anwar's homophobia and Tony's bisexuality were all topics of discussion that wouldn't ordinarily get airtime.Effy was the one survivor from the first cast, and was joined by ditzy best friend Pandora (Lisa Backwell), nice guy Freddie (Luke Pasqualino), bad guy Cook (Jack O’Connell), perpetual fourth wheel JJ (Ollie Barbieri), prickly Naomi (Lily Loveless) and twins Emily and Katie (Kathryn and Megan Prescott).As with Tony in the first series, enjoyment of these series might have depended on your tolerance for its most divisive figure.At this point, the series was still a hit, and welcoming a whole new group of kids a huge risk.

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It was decided at some point in the second year that, once the characters went off to university (or elsewhere), we would no longer follow them.Episodes got even weirder as they delved into the psyches of characters the audience had already come to know, and it gave young writers (the average age of whom was 21) license to experiment.always worked in symbolism, so one of the main characters would always die in this second run.That character would be a symbol of either youthful exuberance, protection, or innocence, and would push the characters to grow up in different ways. At the time, it was a source of anxiety for parents about what teenagers were getting up to when they weren’t looking, but for television executives it was pure gold.It achieved that rare feat: it got young people to watch and talk about it.

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