Invalidating a session in jsf

Check for the URL, and if it's login page, then invalidate the existing session and create a new session. The simplistic way of acheiving this is to wrap a Filter around the Faces servlet.Purchase one of my books: Web Development with Java and JSF A Journey through Java EE Technologies whilst developing Web Applications with Java Server Faces.

Without the redirect tag in the navigation rule, the tomcat try to map to invalidate.xhtml because this is the default suffix of facelets. It' s not a very fine Facelets / My Faces / ICEFaces Solution, but it works.

If the username and password does not match an error message is displayed as “Incorrect username and password” .

Session Utils; @Managed Bean @Session Scoped public class Login implements Serializable class to fetch the username and password from the database and compare it with the front end values passed. Data Connect; public class Login DAO package com.filter; import

Menu Item mi = new Menu Item(); Ajax(true); Value(...); Process(...); Update(...); Action Expression(Faces Accessor.create Method Expression( "#", String.class, new Class[] )); UIParameter param = new UIParameter(); Id(...); Name(...); Value(...); Children().add(param); Do you have nice methods you want to share here? Reference: 5 useful methods JSF developers should know from our JCG partner Oleg Varaksin at the Thoughts on software development blog.

Hi guys, I have the following problem: my Web application (NB 6.5.1, woodstock components) uses the following session management code: adapted the code, to use it also for the ...

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