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E.g., the LC_TIME=C below is needed to print back the correct date in many locales: Note it says that the input format cannot be in a locale-specific format.There may be other libraries or programs that would recognize more date formats, but for a given date format it would not be difficult to write a short program to convert it to something date recognizes (for example, with Perl or awk). As @Gavin Smith said, I was wrong about GNU Date — this behavior should not be considered as a bug.For example, --date="2004-02-27 .489392193 0530" specifies the instant of time that is 489,392,193 nanoseconds after February 27, 2004 at PM in a time zone that is 5 hours and 30 minutes east of UTC.Note: input currently must be in locale independent format. year, month, and day numbers, in the Gregorian calendar.It provides functions for comparing dates, and for manipulating dates.You can increment (or decrement) a date by a given number of days using add Days().

QDate provides a full set of operators to compare two QDate objects where smaller means earlier, and larger means later.

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(Locales set to German or American) This does not work (error included): The difficulty is that I don't know which locale or even whci dateformat will be used later since the user can set their own format.

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