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– Large inventory of certified AGS ideal cut diamonds.– Availability of indepth data like magnified images, Idealscope/ASET, hearts and arrows data and etc…White Flash’s signature brand of diamonds undergo an extensive series of tests and assessments before they can be labeled as A Cut Above®.This stringent selection process guarantees diamonds of the highest pedigree which are cut to extreme precision and optimal light performance.What has conspired to make this one of the giants in modern marketing etiquette?The growth of social media marketing as an extremely viable avenue to increased popularity and reputation did not just happen because of one event.– 100% lifetime trade-up policy ( for minimum of 2X spending). White Flash is a customer oriented vendor who strives to provide customers with an impeccable shopping experience.

Today, their innovative approach of utilizing video technology has taken that to a higher level.I’m not the only one who’s singing their praises, there are thousands of raving testimonials from satisfied customers which really speak volumes about them. With humble South African roots as a 5th generation diamond cutter, Brian Gavin built his reputation on rock-solid integrity and his world-renowned expertise in diamond selection.Today, Brian Gavin is a name that is synonymous with diamonds cut to extreme precision and ideal optics.We spoke to several experts about what would be the next significant milestone when it comes to social media marketing in 2017 and they have all important ideas that they want to share with us.This was the question posed to them –The majority of the experts are leaning towards video as an ally for marketing.

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