Gta iv michelle dating guide

It was harder and took much longer to get to that point than I thought it would.

Despite being frustrated with GTA IV’s save system (see below), I’m still enjoying the game.

I suspect I won’t post diary entry #5 until I complete the campaign.

Soon after the last entry, I was surprised to discover that you can park (and then save) the helicopter within the yellow lines outside the various safehouses.

Landing within a few hundred feet of the chevrons sufficed in most cases.

Tip 2 – Helicopter Bumper Buttons: When I got to the part of the game where you fly a helicopter as part of a mission for the first time, the game provides on-screen instructions on how to fly.

Flying under the remaining 5 bridges was the first thing I did after achieving Full Exploration.

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I attempted it immediately after gaining access to (jacking) a helicopter over a week ago.

So, I started them all again and that, my 6th helitour,, I got the “Sightseer” achievement.

I never did take a t0ur that started from that last circle.

At 43.45% game progress, I finally unlocked the entire city.

There is a very tough mission immediately before this is achieved.

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