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There was no paperwork on it at the moment as she had cleared all that up over the weekend. They had the bodies of beautiful women, but their skin was pale blue and they had ... The grey in her hair had gone back to black, the lines at the corners of her eyes had disappeared altogether. Dalinei, not wanting to be left out, walked around the desk and pressed her dick up against Elaine's lips.

, she thought to herself, clapping her hands together. She dutifully opened her mouth and grabbed hold of the shaft with one hand.

She didn't notice the dazed expressions of the other teachers she passed, nor that they didn't respond to her hurried welcomes.

She made it to her room and barely had time then to set out her things on her desk and prepare herself for the lesson to come before the early, eager girls turned up.

Mrs Haverstock crouched over her, facing away, and went to guide her cock into her pussy. "In your ass." With a happy smile on her face, Elaine adjusted her aim. The monster cock pressed against her tight butt hole. With Dalinei's help, she inched her way lower and lower until eventually she was sat flush against Chemei. Elaine had never felt so full, so fulfilled, in all her life. She pushed the headmistress back so she was lying on Chemei and aligned her cock with Elaine's cunt.

She remembered her husband asking her for anal sex once and she had barely spoken to him for a week. Normally there was no way she would be able to take such a member inside of her, especially not for her first time, but unbeknownst to her the Futas had changed her internally as well as externally. Her body shook as she reached another orgasm, her mind overwhelmed by the feeling of bliss. She thrust inside in one powerful movement and suddenly she had two giant dicks inside her new-look body.

Dalinei's cock was just as long as her fellow Futa's, and by the time she was done she had every inch of it stuffed down the headmistress' throat.

The feeling of being so full, as well as the lack of air getting into her system, sent Elaine into a powerful, blissful orgasm.

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It didn't matter much to her; she considered all the girls she helped to educate and send out into the world as her children. One turned to the other and said, "Our first fuck with a human in centuries and she looks like that. She looked at the two beings in front of her -- Futas, she learned they were called -- and wondered why she had ever been scared of them. "I am impatient to start this." A tingling sensation swept over Elaine. "You should remove your clothes for this," Chemei said to her. They seemed to find it amusing that she had on so many layers. All her life, she suddenly realised, she had been repressed. Elaine screamed in ecstasy as her mind was flooded with the nearly-forgotten sensations of a good, hard fuck.

She had never had one such dick inside her before, let alone two at once!

She could imagine them almost meeting in the middle of her body.

And then they were followed in by two of the loveliest girls at the school, twins who Miss Jones had secretly lusted after the whole year, Stacey and Alice.

They weren't supposed to be in this class, but that wasn't what had the teacher more than a little confused. She stood up to reprimand them, to demand to know what they were thinking of, but the second they entered the room none of that mattered. She cocked her head, some part of her telling her there was something different about them. The only way she had been able to tell them apart was by Alice's freckles, and they were now gone. She looked from one to the other, wondering which was which.

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