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Free* offers Hatti Hamlin, a public relations consultant from Orinda, Calif., learned the hard way that free offers often have a catch."I went to what I thought was a free site to get my credit report and after clicking on 'free credit report,' the company automatically added a monthly credit monitoring service," Hamlin says."You are ultimately held responsible for the charge until a dispute process has been resolved with your credit card company," says Gail Hurdis, spokeswoman for Chase Credit Card Services."When a customer contacts us, our team of dispute experts immediately begins working to resolve the issue." If the inquiry is, in fact, a charge that is disputed by the customer due to merchant service or quality, Hurdis says the dispute adviser will spend time resolving the issue while the customer is on the phone."I didn't like the taste of the product when I received it and immediately called to cancel.The company said that my first month's subscription, costing .95, had already been shipped and charged to my credit card." The company advised Pagliarini to return the shipment and told him they would reimburse him for the cost of shipping.It's all too easy to miss the fine print that may state the free trial period typically only lasts 12 to 14 days, and you will continue to receive regular shipments of the product at full price unless you notify the company with a request to cancel.Since the cancellation period is so brief, many consumers often don't realize their credit cards are being charged for additional costs until the charges show up on their monthly statement.

Log on to the Internet and prepare to be greeted with advertisements offering the latest energy booster, anti-aging cream, compact discs or other products as part of a "risk-free trial offer." If the ads sound too good to be true, it's because they often are.

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"We have also received thousands of complaints from people who signed up for a free-trial offer of acai-berry weight-loss products and were charged month after month," Southwick says.

In May, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it would conduct a review of its "negative-option" rules, a process that could lead to tougher regulations on the practice.

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