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She gave me the details that included inappropriate verbal harassment but also unconsented physical contact.

After months of enduring this, she decided to file a formal Complaint with the OHA Administrator and Human Resources Staff.

An effort was made to dissuade her but when she insisted, OHA Administration initiated their formal Sexual Harassment Complaint process.

It involved an investigation by an independent attorney (OHA board attorney Bob Klein and Ernie Kimoto were conflicted out because they are attorneys for BOT Trustees).

The Pacific Center for Sex and Society (PCSS) , whose director is Dr.

From October 8-12, 2012 he consulted for the Colombia (Latin America) legal system regarding potential changes related to sex and gender, in their official registration systems. Diamond spent most of the month of January at the Osaka Prefecture University in Japan, giving lectures and individual instruction to the academic staff. March 2015: Change of name The Announcements section has been renamed Items of Interest.

Diamond, presented at the WAS biennial Congress in Singapore in July 2015, when Dr. Clinical, Ethical and Surgical Management of the Transgender Early Adolescent".

In May 2013 he was invited to Sweden for two weeks spent lecturing to Uppsula Law School, Medical School and Members of Parliament regarding intersex and medical ethical issues. Diamond was invited to a Cambridge Union Society debate at the University of Cambridge, UK, to oppose the motion "That gender exists to oppress".

Research associated with many of these topics remains ongoing.

In the past these efforts were supported, in the main, by the Ford Foundation, the National Institutes of Mental Health and Child Development, the Guttmacher Institute and the Garfield Foundation. Diamond's retirement from the University at the end of 2009 (although he will be continuing his studies and researches), such funds are no longer available. Milton Diamond, by e-mail at [email protected], or write to him at: Dr.

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