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Vail is a small, largely condominium community, where skiing is the reason for being there in the winter. I had no problem 20 years ago in traveling around Europe for that amount of money. were around twice those of most Europeans for the same type of work. European salaries are 50 percent or more above similar salaries here, and there are few bargains available in anything. Staf- fers at Instant Software are al- ready converting the most prom- ising programs into German and Italian (with most of this work being done by our Knud Keller, a native of Stuttgart, and Piergiorgio Saluti, recently ar- rived from Italy).It is a lovely, small town with lots of shops and restaurants. A room in a small hotel with break- fast was around , a nice dinner was about the same price and a lunch for under a dollar was com- monplace. You will find it difficult to have much of a dinner for under . Associate editors interested in working on this project should drop me a line.

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