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So, my intoxicated ass throws a fit and asks if she can go speak to the woman for me and tell her I'm sleeping or something of the sort, not knowing the type of woman I was with she answers the door saying something like "in the middle of a fuck session can I help you?" and the woman replies "Can I join, the only reason I went out with him was in hopes to get fucked" So, I don't really remember too much at this point, but some foggy memories of these two girls making out with my dick in between their mouths, and some odd sexual interpretation of the human centipede. F-F OR FM-F IF MAN IS HELPING is ok WITH UNWILLING VICTIM. I had just recently moved and to meet some locals I started using Tinder. RAPE MEANS FORCED , NOT DOMINATION, OR MEN RAPING LESBIANS.After you put on the stockings they bring you to the stage without any further explanation. There’s a wall in the back and the rest of the stage is empty.

She had followed me to this woman's house, and demanded I speak to her.

She asks me if I'd like to hop into the hot tub or head to bed since I was pretty tanked.

I said either or is fine and she leads me to her bedroom, we start making out she does the classic chubby check and starts stroking my dick.

I literally ask her, "When do I get to see you out of those work clothes?

" and to my surprise she replies "The girls and I are going to my house to drink and sit in the hot tub, you're more than welcome to join." Completely fucking shocked, and at this point piss fucking drunk, I follow her to her house stumble in and look around to find that her roommates are two older lesbians.

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