Dream analysis on boyfriends dating other women

Aquarius women are what you would call true beauty , natural and the best under the covers always willing to try something new. I HAVE BEEN WITH MY PISCES FOR GOING ON 14 YEARS NOW AND YES I WILL DO AND TRY ANYTHING IN THE BEDROOM. We are great in bed, good lovers and hell if you dont want us then we dont care cause we know it's your loss. Not having a real answer is what keeps the intrest and excitment all my ex's will always wonder sexually about..... In my relatively limited experience, it takes a good partner to allow our passion to be released... we love love sex but we dont judt jump u asap we like to tease an be playful im with my scoripo haha wow he thinks im amazing hes likw most woman dont like this im like i do an smile i like to just see his face when i go for whatever lol where amazing at it all hahaha I'm an aquarian Jan 24.You can rest assured you will never get bored of the Aquarius mind, body and soul . ...have to say as an aquarius woman at 35 yrs old every man ive dated has said what is it that you do to me that no other woman can. It's just so cool to read comments from other Aquarian women! aquarian women are usually sexy because of their purity and natural attitude towards everything, how she only pleases you because it's comforting for her to see you happy.We like experimenting and we enjoy the surprised face expression man gives us when we do smth other girls wouldn't...guess it's because of that..But to make your aquarius lady be open and experiment you have to make her feel you adore her..least that's what i need to feel to get all crazeh...

How I like it depends on my mood; Sometimes sensual love-making sweet and romantic, but usually I like it hardcore (mmm).

I'm an Aquarian (Feb 15th), and I agree with mostly everything said on here.. Apart from being a good mother an aquarian women is a good and faithful and a loving wife. She is a good mother(much better than a cancerian) and always contended lady.

We enjoy pleasing our partners and have no inhibitions, we are so free, dreamy and mysterious we cant help if men fall in to our paths. She is very kind at heart and helps a heling hand for person in distress. She is promiscouis in nature and definitaley loves to visit swing clubs or exchange couples in her friends cirle. i'm an aquarius and my first love was my best gu friend, its so true we need to be friends first before we even think about settling down.

People always try to figure them out when really what you see is what you get. Love her , Live for her,be proud of her, care for her and she will be yours forever............:) Well of course we're sexy! Once you've had an Aquarian girl, you're gonna want her back! It sounds like the passion we hold inside is not just peculiar to me but to all aquarian ladies.

Scorpio woman are usually very jealous of them due to their nature so it is very seldom you'll find Scorpio and Aquarius best friends. It's in our blood, you guys got to learn that aquarian women are natural beauties, God made us that way because we are just so dang awsome! What we do in bed is not planned, we just feel the moment and react to our partners as well, almost like dancing.

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