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Ultrasound might be able to interrupt sperm production so that a man is temporarily sterile for six months at a time. If there are so many options, why don’t we have one that works? Females ovulate once a month, meaning one, count ’em, “Men make 1,000 sperm every second,” said John Amory, a male reproductive specialist at the University of Washington, Seattle.

“It’s proven to be a lot more difficult to turn that degree of production off compared to one egg a month.” That is just way too many sperm.

She’s getting check-ups to make sure she doesn’t have a disease, or cancer, or polyps, and is probably on or considering some form of birth control based on the possibility that she about it.

Sex as we know it has two major biological problems: disease and unintended pregnancy.

But, astonishingly, non-barrier birth control for men doesn’t yet exist. We don’t have it, we need it, and when it comes out, it’ll be as revolutionary as the Pill itself.

Male birth control is not, because male issues are not often labeled “special interest group” issues (which is another problem and discussion all together).But pure biology doesn’t seem to capture the problem.Other problems include male willingness to take the pill, impact on libido, and other social and physiological side-effects. Or are men just too stupid and awful to ever be able to have that kind of responsibility?For men there are approximately four ways of dealing with these issues without the need for a partner’s help: abstinence, condoms, , and vasectomies.Abstinence prevents everything, including sex itself, so it’s kind of like avoiding food poisoning and gaining weight via fasting: yes it works, but it isn’t exactly practical for most of us.

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