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Hauler, who is running in the 13th District, was cited for an equipment violation in Grosse Pointe Woods in 2006.

When the fine wasn't paid on time, his license was suspended for about 10 days, the records show.

Asked for an explanation, Conyers' Detroit district office responded with a written statement that said "a check was inadvertently written to renew the chairman's driver's license from an account that had been recently closed.“I’d like to have four to six children; I intend to be a stay-at-home mom; I want my husband to be home every night in time for dinner; and he has to help out around the house.” That’s a sentence I was able to weave into one of the first few dates with the guy I was dating.To say that was a bad date, would be an understatement.The 81-year-old who's vying for an 18th term was cited earlier this year by police in Virginia for unauthorized use of a high occupancy vehicle lane.Five other Michigan Congress hopefuls have two speeding tickets each on their records: state Rep.

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