Dating survival kit

The top half can serve as a toolbox including a parts lid or have room to install a radio and other items.I chose to use it as a toolbox with parts lid for storage, and place my radio(s) outside the unit on a folding table for actual operations.You can find these types of batteries new from Amazon or other sources because they are used in most UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to supply the power for them.

The heavy vinyl construction was easy to drill with my cordless drill, or cut using a heavy box cutter, when installing items in the side that required holes.

I’m sure you will appreciate the incredible detail Lee has included in his step-by-step instructions on how you can build your own emergency ham radio kit that’s portable and takes alternative power into consideration for times when the power grid may be down.

Fortunately for one of them, one day a ham radio operator strolled down the aisle and said “this little guy would make a fantastic portable emergency ham radio go-kit!

The attached wheels were heavy duty and the axle was a one piece solid steel rod that ran from wheel to wheel.

In other words, the wheels were not simply attached to each side, and thus it would hold up better over the life of the project.

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