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That said, it’s quite common that they ask you if you would like to take them upstairs for short time (there’s a hotel on the second floor) after you bought them a drink or two.Located in the EDSA Entertainment Complex in Pasay, Cotton Bar is one of the 7 girly bars in the building that somewhat reminds you of Nana Plaza in Bangkok.High Heels is the naughtiest bar on Burgos and it’s not hard to tell why.As soon as you walk into that place you will be accompanied by about half a dozen of excited and giggling girls who make the impression as that they awaited your arrival for weeks.In this top list you will find four bikini bars and one sports bar, and they are all located in the four different red light districts of Manila.

But of course it’s the girls you are coming here for, most of them are extremely attractive and also well equipped in terms of boobs.

If you go there at around 11pm you will hardly find a place to sit down because there are just so many girls (I would say the ratio of girls/guys is 70/30).

Upstairs is a stage for the live band playing every night (admission fee 100 Pesos) and even more “open-minded” Manila girls (a lot of them actually come from other parts of the country, especially from the poor regions of Mindanao, Leyte and Samar).

The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they charge pool games depending on the time played: 25 Pesos for up to 7 minutes, 50 Pesos for 8-14 minutes, 75 Pesos for 15-21 minutes and 100 Pesos for 22-28 minutes.

Not sure what happens if you exceed the 28 minutes.

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