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If you don't make money it's because you don't want to. I keep telling you, I'm not so special that only I can make a living being me. I know people will tell you it's impossible, but what are you looking for from them? Your man, -Victor Pride 1st Prize goes to James Croft for providing a good, no-nonsense, easy to implement idea. You have my express permission to not require permission. But if you actually need permission you don't belong in the big leagues and you don't deserve success and freedom. 2nd prize goes to Rob, the comic book guy, for coming up with an idea I would have never thought of in a million years. Merriam-Webster defines love as unselfish loyal concern for the good of another, and a strong affection for another based on kinship or personal ties.The number of internet dating sites is continually growing and has become a very successful and effective business.That sounds great in theory but the reality is that most people are small, petty and silly and we don't need to hear their silly opinions. Making money is evil and you should give poor people money (even though it's evil).You Tube commenters are probably a perfect representation of normal people and I see two trends among You Tube commenters/normal people. The 2nd trend I see among You Tube commenters is this…Now he's in the position of having worked on this gig for ten years and no one will buy it because there's nothing to buy.His realty business was nothing more than some phone numbers and connections, but phone numbers and introductions aren't worth ,000.

My life is phenomenally easy compared to any Average Joe working his average job. I know it will hurt some feelings to hear that it was super-easy for me, but I've never been bothered by hurting feelings. It's only when you're on the wrong path that it's hard. It's an inevitablity of success that the lower classes first worship you then turn on you.

Without revenue there is no business and the realty business wasn't a real business.

The owner was essentially a freelancer, getting paid when he got clients to sign and not getting paid when no one signed.

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: Money Feelings = Crybabies ———— I recently met with a local realtor who was interested in selling his realty business. If the numbers work I am perfectly willing to buy any business. If someone were to purchase his business they would essentially be starting out as a brand new realtor they'd be in the hole 80k.

While I'm not willing to go out and show houses to people, I'm perfectly interested in looking at the business opportunity. You'd have to go out and find new business to make money.

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