Dating delights discontents dilemmas

And gradually just like that, one day I implored to him: ‘Can I read it on my own?’ Quite eagerly, he agreed as if he was waiting for this day.Back then when I was 13, I chanced to perform ‘Chandalika’, a dance drama by Rabindranath, in lead role as ‘Prakriti’ (denotes nature).

For a girl who loved to sing, dance and write, I breathed every moment of it with glee and gladness.

Almost every night before bedtime, ‘Na-kaka’ would read to me and my Thamma (Paternal Grandmom), one gem from the prized anthology.

The anthology opened an ethereal land, which soaked me with nuances of human behaviour and life’s deepest pith, quite effortlessly.

Slowly and stealthily, when it had become my refuge from daily humdrum of life, I still am inconversant with and unaware of.

You call him ‘Poet Seer’ or ‘Gurudev – the divine mentor’, Tagore has been an abiding influence on modern life as well as thought.

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