Clove oil and sedating koi

It’s too bad that salt doesn’t do much to fight Velvet.That’s why you might have to go for something stronger, like Microbe-lift. So you might also try covering the tank with black paper or cloth to block out the light for a while. Most goldfish who LOOK sick are really living in bad tank conditions. ) Some of these come in through the water you filled the tank with, some are actually made by the fish themselves as they respire and *eherm* go to the bathroom. But before we go on, you should know this up front: If your goldfish isn’t well, there is a big chance that it actually doesn’t have a disease.It may be a good idea to take a look at your water change schedule or how many fish you have in the tank. Keep stress low on your fish by providing them with clean water and enough space. And ALWAYS quarantine any new fish you get before introducing them to the others.

A goldfish with velvet appears to be sprinkled with a fine yellow powder. Your goldfish might also start shedding lots of slime to get rid of the parasite… Other symptoms may include weight loss or clamped fins.

If you don’t want to have lice in your tank, be sure to quarantine all of your newcomers and treat them for parasites ahead of time.

This parasite is also called “Gold Dust.” Fortunately, it’s pretty rare in goldfish.

(They are also more accurate than strip tests.) Think of it as a necessary investment you need to make in order to be a good, responsible goldfish owner.

😉 So without further ado, here is my complete list of common – and some not-so-common – goldfish diseases, that are actually diseases: Ich (pronounced “ick”) is a parasite also called “white spot disease.” The white spots of ich are actually not the parasite itself, but the skin of the goldfish stretching over the parasite.

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