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At one point in the operation, my friend said, "Howie, I'm going to join these bones now.

As I do, I'll keep talking, and you watch this guy's face." The moment he connected those tiny bones, the patient's eyes opened wide.

It can assimilate and integrate and see the implications of what God reveals.

But in our night drive into understanding, revelation is the headlights and reason the wheels; revelation helps us see the way that reason must follow.

The media constantly seek the opinions of university professors.

Amid all that, pastors and Christian educators are likely to feel like second-class educators, people who "merely" teach the Christian faith, while "real" educators are out there shaping the world. So periodically, I like to remind myself and other Christian educators about the difference between secular education and our calling.

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Universities are the center of society's greatest research and most profound discoveries.

Secular education assumes that human observations and interpretations are the basis of reality. Thus the very foundation of knowledge is different for the Christian educator.

Christian education assumes that since God is the Creator and Sovereign of all, he alone is the interpreter of all. The effect is dramatic, as telling as the difference between astronomy studied from a sun-centered versus earth-centered theory of the solar system.

I am convinced that Christian education, my field of ministry, is one of the highest of all callings.

I've also become convinced that Christian educators need to keep reminding themselves of the unique role of Christian education.

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