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06/29/05 - you better go get you some help bitch from Chi-Town: You better not ever say that!!!!! That's what happened with those dudes who did the tube bar tapes.this sht is the best, i used to own this tape when i lived in ohio! SOME SHMUCK "You talkin' about something that'll get you in trouble if I catch you makin' love" MARK "Oh, well you won't catch us" 04/11/05 - Howard Hughes from LA CA: Hey Mike D., we've heard it all before. After Red (Moe from the Simpsons is based on him) died, they released their names. "You call your white people" "You'd better believe that! I'd beat some of that faggot out of you." He's sick... If the ones I've just listed are, in fact, Mark I would like to hear them ASAP. 02/04/05 - kevimetal from USA: ...(con't) he mentions "Mc Donalds north", which would be the Mc Donalds at the intersection of Rt 13 and rt 273, north of Odessa, DE.So I've set up this page to pay homeage to the classic prank calls of Mark Knofler.

I in turn handed it over to my brother in 1995, whom has worn the grooves out of it. 05/29/05 - Uncle Zev from Charleston, SC: I first heard this tape my freshman year at college of charleston in 1993, from my roomate joe.......of bong hits and brain cells wasted on this tape, but its a classic. This tape made the rounds with my friends in high school in the late 80s/early 90s and I even managed to hold onto a copy. 03/01/05 - Shpilkus from San Diego, CA: The Knopfler calls terminated in and around the northern Delaware/southern New Jersey area. We were so rapt by these calls back in '90/'91 that we even called a couple of the people he called just to laugh at them - Knighton and one of the chicks - I think the "Marijuana Plant" girl...oh, and Amanda White, of course. He is a HUGE influence on popular prank calling culture and otherwise...?? " And for anyone that has the tapes, are you gonna be in those tapes, with your pussy? Also, it just sounds like a totally different guy to me. Gregg Turkington is Neil Hamburger/Mark Knofler/And, Dude from Great Phone Calls. Plus, he traveled around while performing and managing bands from the bay area. is a friend of a good friend of mine (of course I know his name but I wont divulge it here), He is definitely from Delaware. My friends Mike M, Dave C, Dave N, Buddy K, Larry B, Jeff L and some other usual suspects back at PECHS in Farmville, VA tripped out and used some of Mark's verbage. I really don't think all the ones available are Mark Knopler. 12/22/04 - Mike from Los Angeles: This guy is something of a celebrity. 12/07/04 - Smegma from New Orleans: I got a copy of this tape around 90 I suppose from a friend. I will get it out to someone who wants to remaster it. Please get in touch with me 11/22/04 - Admiral W from Huntsville AL: I had a tape of these in 92 that I got at U. I agree that only the first and last on the mp3 list are originals. so far the only ones of these that have been REAL mark knophler calls are the first and last ones, however almost all of the ones that there are descriptions of ARE real...

first heard this in my dorm at East Carolina University back in 92. This dude I knew made a bootleg tape of them and gave them to me, and I thought is was the funniest shit I'd ever heard. 07/21/05 - Dennis Bonifer from Louisville, KY: I heard these first back in 89 while at UK, and couldn't get enough of them, in particluar the Amanda, aka Mandy, White and Charlie Naaaaaayton. 07/19/05 - donzine from NYC: I got this tape in High School in the late 80's in Connecticut and we listened to this tape to death over playing nintento techmobowl. My theory is that he's gone on to bigger and better things.

Then I let my dumbass brother use the tape and some guy stole it. A couple of years back I busted out a quote at work and 2 of my co-workers started cracking up and we started talking about the tapes. I just thought of it for no apparent reason, but googled MK and "please try to pay attention" and there you have it. One day, he'll come out and claim his work on a web site after Charlie and Laydonna, Amanda and her wife die.

You can click on the title of each one to listen to it in mp3 format.

You'll notice that the clips are edited so that names and addresses are no longer included.

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