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Every now and then you may try to speak out of line, and you will probably be spanked. 'Dominant women submissive men' is the oldest story in the book. They may appear confident and successful in their careers and social lives, but once you actually get to know them, the shop front disappears and you start realising that they aren't as strong or powerful as they first appeared.

A dominant mistress will order you around, dress you, tell you when you can talk even.

You want to reach as wide and audience as possible, so join and create a free profile on at least two specifically kink related personal ad sites surprised at how effective a vanilla site can be).

Once you have completed your profile, browse through some of the other advertisements specific to your area to get a feel for who's out there and what they are looking for.

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Step 2 - Advertise Take care in creating your advertisement (also known as a profile) - it's worth spending a bit of time on it and getting right, and a well crafted ad that's free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is much more attractive than one that looks as though it's been thrown together in 5 seconds.Step 3 - Taking it further Okay, so your profile is complete and you just have to sit back and wait for the replies to roll in right? You must also reply to other people's ads - submissives in particular seem to feel that they ought not 'make the first move', but if the Dominants didn't want replies they wouldn't have placed the ad in the first place.Someone has to get this thing going, and by responding to ads as well as waiting for others to reply to yours, you double your chances of connecting with the right person.Sign up for free today and chat with dommes online. Male slaves, and sissy males, are in high demand amongst dominatrixes. Others are very particular and like to put their new slaves through rigourous slave training to really tame them.Dominant women and submissive men go together perfectly. Your mistress will insult you for the worthless man you are even as you are giving your tribute to her.

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